Day 17 – 5 things I lust after

Flashback Thursday

Svetlana Tishchenko

Dear Diary,

Today is Monday and I’m having a bad day of ‘mondiatis’. On top of my headache-is-me weekend, it’s a very cold and gloomy day today.

Thus, my list for DAY 17 will be all about things I love but can’t have today…

Hopefully, my readers can relate


I’ve been a coffee addict since very early age. It started as a cure for my low blood pressure.

And what a life turn it is that my blood pressure does not want to stay low anymore. It spikes all over the place in any given day.

Thus, doctor’s orders: NO COFFEE

Being human, we always lust for something we can’t or not supposed to have. Coffee is my biggest guilty lust


Every time I feel jaded. Every time I get stuck in a rut. Every time I feel like settling for something or other, I need…

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