NFQ – On becoming a MasterChef

Dear Readers,

This quarantine brings out the worst in people, brings out the best in people. It unseals hidden talents and creativity. It releases untapped reserves and abilities. We are slowly but surely becoming IronMen and WonderWomen.

MasterChef Australia Logo

I, for one, am definitely extending my cooking repertoire.

Before the quarantine I relied heavily on all-time favourites, easy dinners and take aways. Also, I relied very heavily on my mum. By the time I got home from the office all I could do is drop into armchair and be non-existent.

Nowdays it is completely different story. We don’t get take away (for obvious reasons). We have more time to think of what to cook and to plan. Going shopping for groceries has become an outing and highlight of the day. So, we became more attentive to our shopping list and more creative with what to buy and why.

Plus, the drive of MasterChef show is alive and well in our household. My daughter makes us to sit still and watch every episode. We are not allowed to use our phones, tablets or any other gadgets even in commercial breaks. I never watched whole seasons of MasterChef before. So this is a complete new experience.

Also, surprise-surprise, our oven began to work again. In the financially tight conditions of family crisis and then world pandemia we had to postpone house renovations and settle for what we had. And we had a broken oven. It’s been broken for a couple of years. All the mighty handymen who came to our house kept telling us that it is practically impossible to fix this oven, save to break down the wall and drag it out from the laundry…

But… there are miracles in this world, after all. I found a new IronMan – Appliance Doctor. He came, he looked, he fixed it. And now we can expand our menu with the oven-baked goodies. And goodies they are.

My family is extremely happy that my lazy apple pie came back onto our menu. I believe this title is too strong, but I could not find a better one.

My lazy apple pie

Also, our family added home-made pizza to Friday night menu. I have to admit, we cheat a bit. We buy pizza bases from Bakers Delight and a ready-made sauce from Leggo’s. But we put pizza together ourselves and bake it in our resurrected oven.

And there is more…

Last weekend was an ‘elimination time’ for me. My daughter requested Mango Mousse just like on MasterChef. What could I do? Obey and serve. Now I know how to make mango mousse (strawberry, raspberry, etc.)

Mango Mousse

But this is not all. Yesterday, I decided to spoil My Queen and cook something I’ve seen on Facebook (and saved the video) called Cloud Omelette. Well, my turned out a bit burnt… but I tried….

Cloud Omelette
Cloud Omelette recipe I used

Will keep you posted as to what else I come up with…

One thought on “NFQ – On becoming a MasterChef

  1. I’m a huge Masterchef fan as well, and I swear every year my cooking improves during each season and I explore new recipes and ingredients. A few years ago, Julie Goodwin came to our house and cooking us a meal, after a post I wrote on the blog saying how I’d always admired her but she’d never brought us a meal. I’ve had some health issues and so we’ve had people drop off meals etc.
    Here’s a link and you can see the video footage:
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Best wishes,

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