Tumbling Tuesday – Read Anywhere Anytime

Dear Readers,

I read. I probably bored you to death by now. But I do read. I read everywhere and all the time. I read several books simultaneously.

Given my long NetGalley committments’ list and even longer TBR list that I constantly add to, I have to read 24/7…

The other day I got to thinking: what would be the most peculiar places I found myself reading?

I read in bed (that’s a given). I read at breakfast table when I am having breakfast on my own. I read in the car while I am waiting for my daughter to finish her classes. I read on the beach, at a cafe…. Think of it, I could have probably read between contractions in labour ward…. I was on the ‘laughing gas’ and could get a page or two in between… Yeah, right.

Anyhow, thinking of peculiar places and situations I rememberd this Russian comedy movie and thankfully found the video clip I needed for this blog.

Here two young people are preparing for entrance exam at University. It is amazingly stressful and competitive time. Person who has the best notes – has a better chance of getting enough marks to secure place at uni… Here is the comedy of the real situation. I’ve been there and done that (or similar) myself… back in the days..

Reading without borders

What would be the most peculiar places you found yourself reading?


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