My Bookshelf – June 2020

Dear Reader,

Remember in my May post, I told you that I am way behind on my NetGalley reading list. In fact, I was so behind I could not allow for time to read anything else but NetGalley books.

I have to pat myself on the back. I managed to dig into the May to Read List and make quite a dent in it. I read a lot of books, like a lot.

However, I am still behind. Thus, my June To Be Read List looks like this:

  1. The Gilded Cage by Camila Lackberg
  2. The Last Scoop by R.G.Belsky
  3. The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder by Victoria Dwod
  4. undefined The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy by Alexandra Walsh
  5. undefined A Village Murder by Frances Evesham
  6. undefined A Body in The Village Hall by Dee McDonald
  7. undefined The Adventures of Murdered Midwife by Liese Sherwood-Fabre
  8. undefined The Safe Place by Anna Downes
  9. undefined I Shot The Devil by Ruth McIvor
  10. undefined The Silk House by Kayte Nunn

Actually, I have finished Miss Iceland by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir (to be published on 16 June) but will hold off my review until PDay.

Also, it is nice to know that I do not review in vain. Hachette Australia has pre-approved me to read and review their books on NetGalley. Hurray and read on. All I need now is 100 something hours in a day to read all the books I want and keep finding…

My recent reviews of The Scent of Danger by Fiona Buckley and The Good Wife by Jane A. Adams are available on Goodreads.

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