Welcome Wednesday – @Riga Daily Photo

Good morning World,

I was born in Riga, the capital of small Baltic State – Latvia.

Up to 18 my geography was very colourful and patched: I lived between Riga, Saint-Petersburg an Tiraspol (small town in Moldova). Then, I migrated to Australia and settled in Melbourne.

From then onwards I miss two cities: Riga and Saint-Petersburg. However, I neglect my birthtown more. The last time I’ve been to Riga was back in 2011 with my daughter… A trip is a must, but when…

For now I have to satisfy myself with photos and videos, my memories and visions of others.

Thus, looking for inspiration and imagery, I searched WordPress for ‘Riga’ and look what I found.

I found Riga Balzam on my soul – Riga Daily Photo

My Hometown – Riga, Latvia

A New Zealander living in Riga is taking pictures of every-day town, of mundane and common – the best images for people like me, who know their town and miss it.

Riga can be majestic like on the image above and it can be like this,

Riga Daily Photo (c) image

or this

Riga Daily Photo (c) image

or even this

Riga Daily Photo (c) image

and this school looks identical to my old school, even though mine was all the way across the river

Riga Daily Photo (c) image

If you’ve never been to Riga but are planning to, head to this blog. You will see the streets, the pathways, the shops, parks and cafes as they are and where they are. The author provides street names and localities in his posts.

Riga non-photoshopped is the best Riga. You can smell chesnut blossoms and coffee looking at the images. And for me, I miss my birthtown just a little bit more…

3 thoughts on “Welcome Wednesday – @Riga Daily Photo

  1. Dear Svetlana, it was great to read your post about Riga šŸ™‚ I am from Portugal and in 2015 arrived in Riga for almost 1 year šŸ™‚ it was a lovely and challenging experience that resulted in a series of chronicles and an ebook that I sell through my blog, feel free to discover, Iā€™m sure you will love to see Riga in a foreigners eyes eheh all the best and greetings from Lisbon, PedroL


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