Saint-Petersburg and Surrounds – Glamour and Glitter – Pavlovsk

Dear Readers,

In light of quarantine and isolation many things seem different to us.

For instance, I love travel. I travel to a different country every year. This year, I am stuck at hom and all my travel plans are broken… But…

I can give you a chance to travel through my blog posts.

In 2019 I travelled to Russia after a lengthy break of not going there for various reasons. It was summer. It was White Nights season in Saint-Petersburg. It was marvelous.

When travelling in Saint-Petersburg and Surrounds in summer – Parks are must. This time around I visited Pavlovsk, Pushkin and Peterhoff. I wanted to visit many more… but there are only 24 hours in a day.


Historically, Pavlovsk was established by Catherine the Great as a gift for her son Pavel (Paul) her heir. You can read more on the history of the palace and park here .

Now after so many trial and tirbulations (destruction of WWII) Pavlovsk is once again is a joy for the eyes and ears. One can spend days walking the alleys and foothpaths and uncovering some hidden gems in the nooks and cranies of extensive grounds.

I’ve been to Pavlovsk before. But this time around, thanks to the wonderful guide, I saw the place at a different angle – happy family home for Pavel and his family. It is amazing how different place may seem once you think of its inhabitants as a loving devoted family rather than royalty, courtiers and intrigue-masters.

I’ve taken bunch of photos while walking through the halls and driving buggy through the grounds. Have a look. Can’t you smell the wild flowers? It was amazing. Hopefully I will go back soon.

Pavlovsk. June 2019

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