Saint-Petersburg and Surrounds – Glamour and Glitter – Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo)

Dear Reader,

Come along on the journey around St-Peterburg (Russia) with me.

My last post was about my last visit to Pavlovsk – one of the majestic parks and palaces that surround St-Petersburg and represent rich history of architecture, art, landscape design and history itself.

Next door to Pavlosk is Pushkin. Yes, Pushkin otherwise known as Tsarskoe Selo (Tsars’ village). This place is famous on many levels.

It is the place where Pushkin went to Lyceum. Tsarskoe Selo is the place …. for Russian royalty and aristocracy summer residences.

Tsarskoe Selo – Catherine Palace – houses the famous Amber Room. It was stolen and destroyed during WWII but is now carefully restored and is opened for public (tour groups). However, photos are not allowed inside. Thus, the use of official image.

Picturesque grounds, park and gardens and palace itself have been made famous by artists and cinematogrphers. Tsarskoe Selo is the setting of many movies and TV series.

I’ve been to Tsarskoe Selo many times. Even though it is quite small town (comparing to Saint-Petersburg) there are a lot of things to see and do. I am hoping to come back again and again to see the town itself and its famous landmarks, including the grave of Rasputin.

Here is a bit on my last visit. It was amazing time – June 2019 – summer, green, flowers, sun and azzure sky…

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