Saint-Petersburg and Surrounds – Gem in the Crown – Peterhoff

Dear Reader,

Our travel across Russian Parks and Palaces is coming to its royally beautiful finale.

Peterhoff is truly Gem in the Crown of royal palaces, parks and natural beauty of Russian valleys, forests, lakes and seashores.

Peterhoff was built between 1714-1723 by Peter the Great and was renovated, extended by many Russian Tsars afterwards.

It was carefully restored after the horror of WWII and many buildings and exhpositions are opening anew every year.

The wonder of Peterhoff are its fountains. They are undescribable. They are must to see. One needs way more than 1 day to walk around all the parks and spend time at all th fountains.

Last year I was lucky enough to watch the Opening Ceremony of the fountains. It takes place every morning and it is an amazing sight when all the majestic structures, creatures, gods and godesses come alive.

Opening of the Fountains

I visited Peterhoff many time, both in summer and autumn. I will keep coming back to it at every opportunity. It’s truly a magic place.

If you are sick of museums and palaces by the time you get yourself to Peterhoff, relax, spend time in the parks. Try to get to see Mon Plaisir – small house of Peter the Great (small but with all the modern conveniences). Try to see as much as you possibly can…

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