Publication Day Book Review – The Adventure of the Murdered Midwife by Liese Sherwood-Fabre

Sherlock, Sherry…. Like mother like son…


Before Sherlock Holmes became the world’s greatest consulting detective…
Scandal rocked the Holmes family.

A cache of documents has been recently discovered detailing, in Sherlock’s own hand, his early forays into criminal investigation. With The Adventure of the Murdered Midwife, the game begins as Sherlock faces his first case.

Only weeks into his first year at Eton, Sherlock’s father calls him and his brother back to Underbyrne, the ancestral estate. The village midwife has been found with a pitchfork in her back in the estate’s garden, and Mrs. Holmes has been accused of the murder. Can Sherlock find the true killer in time to save her from the gallows?


‘Mother had always taught me a detachedmind produced better results’.

I love my Sherlock, in almost all of his reincarnations. I love him Dr Watson’s love – from the sidelines, observing, allowing for his peculiarities and loving his brilliance.

But this book – being 1st ever case in Sherlock Holmes’ long career as detective – made me fall in love with Sherlock again. This story shows him as… human.

He is a teenage boy who loves his parents and his brother, his home and his county. Sherlock is the boy who does not like Eaton and its rules and traditions but strives to make his parents proud and to get their approval.

This story while suspensful and intriguing, is warm and tender, cosy and encouraging. It is as much about family relationships and dynamic, human connection and trust as it is about finding out whodunit.

Sherlock’s relationship with his mother is central to this story and to his development as human and as detective. His mother is the one he gets his deductive traits from. She is the one to teach him and lead by example. Sherlock is to learn from her the sharp angles of gender relationships and soft curtains of marrital interactions.

Sherlock makes his parents proud. He even gets his brother reluctant approval. Sherry loves deducting so much he wants to do it again if only for the sake of staying away from Eaton and staying close to his parents.

A very interesting angle to Sherlock Holmes.

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