My Bookshelf – July 2020

Dear Readers,

My bookshelf in July is full of new books to be published later this month. Also, I have to admit, I still have some overdue reads from May and June. I am doing my best you know, reading a book every few days.

Last month there were a few books that I really loved, enjoyed and that stayed with me: The Safe Place, The Silk House and The Adventure of the Murdered Midwife.

There was one book that scared me and made me hug my daughter just a bit more tighter – I Shot The Devil.

And of course, I absolutely loved new cosy mysteries that came my way. I enjoyed the settings, the characters and atmosphere of A Body on the Village Hall and A Village Murder. I will come back to those authors for sure.

July started off not so good for me though. Whitethroat by James Henry did not hit the mark and left me lost and confused. I do not like leave the books unfinished. I hate giving up on a read, especially when I have to write a review.

I am hoping the rest of July will be more interesting, exciting, suspensful and challenging.

I am in for:

  1. I absolutely have to finish The Guilded Cage by Camilla Lackberg as the time on Adiko reader is running out
  2. I am about to embark on my first ever Blog Book Tour for If Looks Could Kill by Kiernan Olivia
  3. Then I am to come back to one of my all-time favourite characters – Isabel Dalhousie created by Alexander McCall Smith (even though I would jump a few installments) in The Geomentry of Holding Hands.
  4. My new Facebook friend Michael Robotham is making appearance on my bookshelf with his new novel When She Was Good
  5. And I can’t wait get my hands on Tiny White Lies by Fiona Palmer.

There are a few books that were published earlier this year but appeared on my bookshelf only now (due to approval processes of different publishing houses). The Goodbye Man by Jeffrey Deaver is one of them.

And, of course, I have some books that I absolutely have to finish soon. Otherwise, my book list will hang over my until Christmas.

Can’t wait to get into my July bookplan.

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