Welcome Wednesday – Favourite Writers – Sulari Gentill

We met some years ago at Wollongong University Crime Fiction Conference. I was presenting on Boris Akunin and the ‘currentness’ of his novels. She was presenting on historical crime fiction.

We discussed crime fiction. She told me that her novels have been compared to Akunin’s and her main character Rowland Sinclair to Erast Fandorin. I promised her I will read Rowly and let her know what I think about the comparison. And I did. I read Rowly’s adventures and let her know what I think:

I just saw you post about upcoming dinner and remembered my promise: to tell you how your Rowland is similar/different to Akunin’s Erast Fandorin. If you are still interested, here it is in a very short form. Your Rowland is ALIVE))). He is a full blooded male who knows very well where he is from, his background, his social status/standing. He has enough pride and respect for all of it and his land, of course. Fandorin, however, is a paper-cut figure with no past, no family background, no pride, respect or support. Fandorin steers away from everything and anything that can create havoc in his personal space, including relationships and friendships.

The only similarity between those two I can think of – is the setting (historical). But even this is very vague similarity. Fandorin lives in 19th century. So, here it is. I hope I did not make you confused or wanting to read Fandorin’s adventures))). Take care

I did not know then that I was about to embark on a readind journey of many years, many novels and many discoveries.

Rowland Sinclair has become my best friend and replaced Erast Fandorin in my heart long time ago. I’ve read all Rowly’s adventures to date (about to read the new one).

But she kept surprising me and all the other readers. She wrote a stand alone novel, a psychological thriller. Crossing the Lines came out and turned me uspide down. I could not get over it. I wanted more…

And I got more…

Sulari Gentill is reading from Crossing the Lines at Bendigo Writers Festival 2019

In 2020 she and her family survived bushfires and are recovering and rebuilding. She lost her favourite old oak tree and many more. But is is invincible. Even pandemic of Corona Virus is not going to break her down.

Sulari Gentill and her oak

Her name is Sulari Gentill. She is Australian (Sri-Lanka born) writer (qualified lawyer converted to the light and rainbows of crime and historic fiction).

Her books are many and many more to come. But my advise is to start at the beginning, at the beginning of Rowland Sinclair series – A Few Right Thinking Men.

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