2022 here we come… with friends

Dear Diary,

2021 has been… has been and gone. Hopefully. Truly. Seriously.

If you thought 2020 was hard and heavy, 2021 was even more so. The world has gone absolutely crazy. We got molded into our home office charis. Brains have gone on holiday with no date of return. Energy levels drop below floor level… Shall I continue? I guess not.

2022, I hope you will be kind, wise and fee. I truly hope so.

My reading and reviewing have suffered immensly throughout 2020-2021. Yes, I’ve read a lot. But, in all honesty, I can’t even remember what I’ve read.

COVID19 saga has started with me being unable to concentrate long enough to read a few pages let alone a whole book. I eventually got my speed and caught up with My @Netgalley list… But 2021… turned my head around, inside out and left me gasping.

I am so behind my Netgalley list by now, it is not funny. Even though I’ve started 2021 by inhaling a couple of historical romances (I’ve read them in a couple of days), the year seemed to drag on.. What am I to do?

My New Year friends… bookish friends…

Well, I’ve started 2022 with a couple of friends: Rowly Sinclair and Sarah Bain. If Rowly has been my friend since very beginning of the series, Sarah has become a fast friend since her previous adventures.

Starting New Year among ‘friends’ made me feel comfortable and cozy… and hopeful… hopeful that 2022 will be better, even bookishly better.

I will do my best to keep you abreast with my reading adventures. I hope there will be many.

Yeah, I have not bought many books in 2021. But I’ve picked up a few from LFL around the corner from my house… Where would I find the time? Where would I find head space… Yeah, this COVIDmania taught us a lot, but it has taken a lot out of us…

I will work on re-building my bookish life (at least).

Watch this space.

Enjoy your holiday

Stay safe and sane

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