Netgalley IOU – Cold Brew Corpse by Tara Lush

Dear Diary,

I am being a good girl in 2022… so far. I am doing my best to catch up with Netgalley IOU from 2021… So far so good.

And yeah, I’ve started my ‘catching up’ journey with the books and characters I love.

Lana Lewis is me book-reircarnated. She is a coffee addict and aficionado (and a cafe owner). And she is a journalist through and through. As the saying goes ‘you can take the girl out of newspaper but you can’t take her notebook and pen away’…

Cold Brew Corpse by Netgalley

The second book in the Coffee Lover’s Mystery series by Tara Lush we find Lana hot and bothered over so many things: Florida heat, bad taste of her signature drink ‘cold brew’, disappearance of yoga diva and on again off again date with handsome police chief.

But… Lara has enough support from her family and friends, enough drive and resilience and enough coffee in her cafe to conqure eveything and more.

This time around the murder mystery will unfolds in Florida swamp and yoga retreats. It will touch, connect and break enough people for two or even three murder mysteries. And at the end of it, the resolution will be as unexpected as it is prosaic…

Cold Brew Corpse is a very cheeky, funky, fun and cozy next installment in the series I found myself to enjoy.

A very worthy read for summer holidays or … for wherever and whenever.

And yeah, a hunk of police chief will prove himself worthy of all the waiting and date changing, just saying…

Cold Brew Corpse is out since late December 2021

Published by Crooked Lane Books

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