Out Now – Book review for Netgalley – Garden of Sins by Laura Joh Rowland

Dear Diary,

Garden of Sins – book #6 in Victorian Mysteries series by Laura Joh Rowland is out on 11th January 2022. It is available through major bookstores and booksellers and is published by Crooked Lane Books.

I was able to read and review this book as part of my committment with Netgalley. I am grateful for this opportunity.

As you might remember, I mentioned Garden of Sins in my New Year post as the series centered on my favourite book character. Sarah Bain found her place on my booklist and in my heart from the very first meeting/reading. I enjoyed being on the journey with her and a very colourful bunch of her friends (who became closer than family) and her friend/fiance/husband Detective Sergeant Barrett.

Garden of Sins cover

Garden of Sins is deserving continuation of Sarah Bain adventures. This book uncovers and discovers a lot of truths that were left as cliffhangers in the previous installments. Readers get a deeper insight into Sarah’s background and family. We get to see a very passionate and impulsive side of crime scene photographer and her husband. We even get to take sides between husband and wife…

A subway train accident, a murdered women in the ruined carriage, missing American heiress, theatre of freaks and secret nighttime shows are just the props for what Sarah has to endure. Her father’s guild or innocence, bastard of police chief who is constantly on Sarah’s tail, Sarah’s relationship with her father and sister, her doubts about her husband’s fidelity… can drive anyone crazy.

Dark, gloomy, dusty and smokey novel full of interesting multi-layered characters. A level of suspense that keeps twisting and rolling and keeps you hooked till the end. And no, there are no sunny, rainbow happy ends. There are plenty of resolutions though. So you won’t be disappointed. Not a bit.

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