Out Now – Book review for Netgalley – Where There’s A Will by Sulari Gentill

Dear Diary,

My dear friend Rowly Sinclair is maturing beautifuly. He has become a wonderous gentleman by the book #10 in the series by Sulari Gentill.

Where There’s A Will cover

Where There’s A Will is such a wonderful, colourful, suspenseful and rich novel that it is as easily reads as a stand alone book as a continuation of ‘bookish friendship’.

What can I say, I am a fan. I am a fan since the very first book. I love the characters, especially the colourful bunch of Rowly’s live in friends: Milton, Edna and Clyde, Rowly’s dog earless greyhound Lenin and Rowly’s family (they ground him in the ways only they can).

In his new adventure Rowly shows his never before seen sides: he has to battle his own feelings, has to be touch and ruthless and even has to dig a grave for a cow (yeap, he does).

Called by the death of his Oxford friend to Boston, Rowly and friends set on the perilous journey of unovering that friend’s murder and settling his will. Friends will come face to face with several American gangs, feuding relatives, victims of Depression and some very uncomfortable social truths…

Will they come out on top? Will they give up? Well, you will have to read on.

As I mentioned in the beginning Where There’s A Will is a very deserving progress of the series. It is very similar and very different to the previous books. Characters did grow up quite a bit. The events and trials of previous adventures matured and toughened them in various ways. However, their friendship remain as strong as ever… What does the future hold for the quartet? Will they remain a quarted? Will Edna and Rowly…? Well???

Where There is A Will is published by Poisoned Pen Press and is out now.

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