Out Now – Book review for Netgalley – A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass

Dear Diary,

A Letter to Three Witches is one of those books that I read in one sitting. I loved it, loved and loved it some more.

If you think that the story will go around the nasty little witch you meet in the first chapter, you are very much mistaken. If you think that those three witches mentioned in the title of the book will go down, you are very much mistaken yet again.

Turning your own husband into a rabbit only for your aunt to turn it into a toad or turning a toad in one of the most talented wizards in the universe are just some of the things three witches: cousins get up to in this book.

A Letter to Three Witches is a story of revelations, forgivness, ephiphanies and paybacks (and they are bitches). It is a lesson the one is to never pretend to be someone else, even for safety sake.

The more you lie to yourself, the more you pretend to be something else, the more you hide your talents and your purpose, the stronger fire burns inside of you. That fire can either burn you or explode everything around you. It’s your choice to make.

I absolutely loved the dynamic of the narration in this book, the characters and relationships between them. The long-forgotten sad aunt is the best.

I marked this book as ‘romcom’ on Goodreads. And it is. It is about love lost and love found, love betrayed and love won. It is about life.

And yeah, the nasty witch has a cat, a wonderful black cat. You can trust me, no matter what happens to the witch, the cat won’t be harmed.

Witches’ honour.

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