30 Days Writing Challenge – Learnings


By now, my 30 Days Writing Challenge that I have imposed on myself is truly over. I have done it. I slacked and I rushed. I loved it and I hated it. But all in all, I enjoyed it and learnt from it.

Here are some of my learnings

Keep to the calendar

The hardest part of my challenge was to keep to the ‘post-a-day’ schedule. I missed days. I wrote several post and scheduled them over several days.

‘Life happens to us…’ Motherhood, work, being ‘all hats’ and more constantly interrupted my plan to keep on with the challenge.

I do love writing. I write all the time. However, this exercise showed me that I can hardly find any time to write. Everything else interferes. There were even nights when my brain was so dead that playing ‘Gardenscapes’ was better and more appropriate than writing a post

Work out the best time to post

Another magic entity that constantly escaped and still escapes me is picking out ‘the right time’ to post.

Living in Australia and writing on WordPress it is really hard to determine what time is the best.

I did find out that my posts got more ‘likes’ and ‘views’ at certain times. But then, some of the days this rule failed miserably

Choose the topic

I found hundreds of lists on Google with suggestions for topics. There are such things as ‘January… journal ideas’ (for every month of the year) and so forth.

I took four lists and mixed them up. I put together a spreadsheet and picked a topic of it. I have not used all of the suggestions (some of them repeated from list to list).

What I found worked for me was writing from the heart and personal experience. I am yet to learn to collate and curate material. For now I am writing me.


The best part of the experience was – JOY. I enjoyed trying out different subjects and topics. I loved choosing images for my posts. I even loved being rushed by the calendar.


Get yourself a challenge.


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