Today is the Day: Margaret Mitchell

 Dear Diary, Do you know what day it is today? Well, it was yesterday for us (Australia) but is still today for some parts of the world. Do you? I’ll tell you. In 1937, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell wins the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.   Gone with the Wind is one of my…

Writers Quote Challenge Prompt

Dear Diary, Today I am joining in this fun and exciting challenge: Writers Quote Now it is the matter of finding a very good quote…. How about this one: This quote comes from one of my favourite authors Alexandre Dumas (the father), author of The Musketeers’ adventures. I challenge you to take up this quest….

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Once again, I missed all the hype with this book. I did not buy it when it first came out. I did not give in to the promotions of this book and numerous reviews. If you ask me now, I won’t be able to tell you why and when I finally gave in, succumbed to…

Degas… surpisingly

I was talking about ‘countdowns’ the other day, wasn’t I? I was looking for something that would keep me on the task, that would push me on, make me be persistent, responsible and boringly regular… Here is an example of ‘countdown’ I experienced in real life. Degas Exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria is running out….

Quotes to follow you

Have you ever? Have you ever heard/read a quote that you’d follow like a mantra, like a guiding light? Have you ever seen a quote that resonated with you on all or some levels? Or have you ever heard a quote that would follow you? Around. For a day. For a week. A quote that…